Personal art gallery - Kirsti Ottem Langeland

Kirsti & and a bad habit

Born in Sunndalsöra, Norway, 11. March 1959
1959-78: Place of recidence/education: Sunndalsöra
1978-2003: Studies/employment (secretary and graphic designer) Trondheim.
2003- : Place of recidence:
Mazerolles du Razes, France.

Description: periodically creative, capricious, depressive, selfdestructive and humorous. Believes in God, love, art, intelligence, common sense, reveries, obsessions, kindness, communication, music and honesty. Tends to lapse into reveries, melancholy and obsessions.  Spends a considerable amount of time in silence with pencils, brushes and calligraphic pens. Can't dance and a terrible cook. Tends to see everything in black and white.

Loves music; Mahler, Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Beethoven and Rameau to mention but a few. Lives for art. Favourite artists: Klimt, Degas and van Gogh.