That packaged yogurt you’re consuming, have you ever thought about what goes into it? Just like those packaged sauces. The answer is clear, we don’t know and might never will. This was until a few scientists and competitors started doing deep checks on those products and what they found was shocking! 


Quality of food is putting people at risk by:

  • Increasing the number of deaths.
  • Making people suffer from more digestive disorders than ever before.
  • Making people more obese. Obesity is the number one illness more people are being affected by.
  • Leading to heart diseases and diabetes. 

The food industry is putting lots of stuff in that food on the shelves that are potentially dangerous for human consumption. In many cases, this stuff is complexly left out from the ingredients list on the packaging which is why many people have no idea what they are putting in their mouth. 

List of all those things that are hiding in your food. 


And frankly, it’s quite a lot! It’s hiding even in that savory dish you ordered. It’s in those fries, the ketchup, and even in the most innocent looking things, where all that sugar is hiding. Studies show that excessive sugar intake puts a high risk of heart diseases, strokes, and diabetes. It’s something you should look after when buying food. The best is to make your food at home with fresh ingredients.

Preservatives and artificial flavors.

These two things are not good for any human to consume. The preservatives are created through many channels whose sources are shady and frankly, no one knows. It’s better to go for fresh foods than the ones with added flavors and preservatives.

Palm oil.

In chocolates, chips, candies, and so many other foods there’s tons of palm oil which are giving the good its luxuriant texture by also giving you heart diseases. Many packaged goods contain it so limit your consumption.



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