Green clay is also known as illite clay and it comes from mineral springs or salty waters. Green clay is very bright in colour and it gets this from the decomposition of natural water flora such as algae and chlorophyll. The illite clay also has various minerals like zinc oxide, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus 1.

french green clay is among the most recommended body clays in the cosmetic industry. It’s known as French clay due to its composition of natural minerals that give it a bright colour and they were first discovered in France. These clays come in different masks and the mud is obtained from all over the globe.

Uses of Green Clay

Most people believe that green clay has both internal and external benefits to the human body. Unfortunately, there is little research on the main benefits of green clay so many theories are based on personal opinions and beliefs.
Externally, French green clay is perceived to get rid of all impurities from your pores, exfoliate any dead skin cells, firm your skin, stimulate the body’s circulation and heal inflammation and blemishes. Internally, the clay delivers essential minerals to the body while removing any dangerous toxins. However, medical practitioners haven’t supported the use of green clay internally, so avoid ingesting it and use it with lots of precaution.

The Main Benefits of Green Clay

Despite the lack of scientific research, there are numerous advantages of using green clay. Below are some of them:

Cleansing the pores

Green clay users have reported that the clay leaves their skin looking clearer and brighter. Beauticians have confirmed that the clay is a miracle worker when it comes to deep cleaning pores. Your pores get contaminated and clogged by environmental pollutants, grime, and constant face touching. These pollutants contaminate the skin making it unclear and dull. A green clay mask will help get rid of the dull face by drawing out all impurities from the pores, leaving you with brighter skin.

Soothes the skin

After cleansing the skin, you get a soothing effect. Green clay counteracts inflammation of the face that causes redness. When applied topically, this clay works on your skin naturally and gently, without triggering any sensitive reaction on your skin.

Matting your skin

Sebum is essential skin oil that gives your skin a young glow. Therefore, the production of sebum is crucial but in excess it makes your face look greasy and oily. If your facial skin appears this way, a clay mask will help restore balance. It works by getting rid of the extra oil from the skin, thus mattifying your face.


Green clay is also obtained from mud so naturally, it’s hydrating because of the naturally-occuring marine flora. The best clays are the bright ones because they comprise of more healthy minerals that hydrate the skin.

How to Apply Green Clay

Applying green clay is easy, just follow the steps below:
• Apply the clay using your fingertips and brush it over your face to form a thin layer. Ensure you cover all the skin so that the clay diffuses into the intended areas.
• Give it some time to diffuse into your skin. Wait for about 10 to 15 minutes.
• Once dry, the clay will feel tight, and at this point you should wash it using clean water then use a towel to dry yourself.

Note that green clay in excess can cause a drying effect to the skin and no one wants this effect. Therefore, you shouldn’t use it more than once in a week. In case your skin type is the dry one or sensitive, it’s best you use the clay once in two weeks or so.


Anyone will oily or acne-prone skin will enjoy using the French green clay. It’s perceived to have cleansing effects which leave your skin looking and feeling healthy. However, before using the clay you have to run a test on a small area of your skin to check if you’re sensitive to it. If you notice any sensation or irritation, don’t use the clay.



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